You enter a room, you breathe in as your mind begins to take in all of that which you can see. The lighting is dim. Your ears pique as you hear music, and the sound of sweet laughter, sounds you cannot make out but provide joy. You exhale. On the next breath in, your sense of smell is engaged as the orange peel from the old fashion sweeps past you. You’re not quite sure how to describe your experience, but you know that you feel comfortable; you know that you feel warm; you know that you will stay here for a while. The décor is nostalgic and familiar, yet you cannot place the era. It is as if you have transcended space and time, yet it is timeless. You can now begin to describe textures as your skin brushes against the fabric and you slip into your seat. You will dine here, and your meal will taste better because you like it here. The environment is setting the stage for what will be a good night, a show curated just for you, by you, your experience.

It would be easy for me to say that I was destined to practice architecture, as my love for Legos, and the Sims was unmatched growing up. I also had a tendency to spend more time designing Barbie’s house, rather than playing with her, however, as I have navigated through life I have found that I am more destined to shape an experience, and directly doing so by manipulating our built environment, catering to how we engage with such. I have found that architecture and design have the ability to bring forth change, and as designers it is our responsibility to fully psychologically engage and improve the user’s quality of life.


My name is Sormeh Rienne, I was born and raised in Partille, Sweden. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design with a concentration in Architecture from the University of Colorado Boulder. During my time at CU, I cultivated the design and architecture experience I would later employ in at Sormeh Rienne, founding the University’s Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter, and participating in several design/build competitions focused on the built environment in Boulder and surrounding areas. Upon completion of my program, I spent a semester furthering my education in Copenhagen, Denmark, a city full of both modern design and classic architecture. I consider this experience to be one of my most formative experiences as a designer. My time spent abroad shaped and influenced my voice as a Designer.