It is our appreciation of value, our desire for something special. We create it and consume it. This transfer of value, the communal trade-off, as traditional as the first markets. A handshake. Sormeh Rienne’s mission is to create that value by doing what is so highly prized: conveying your emotions into an experience. So that your expression becomes the experience.

A collaboration of ideas and intentions, Sormeh Rienne carries a sense of purpose to create value in the form of physical spaces; turning emotions into environments, and environments into emotions.

We specialize in hospitality spaces. We are most known for our restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs and hotels, but that doesn’t keep us from turning out one-off specialty food stands or branding concepts. Our clientele range in style and personality but they all have one thing in common, an interest to bring something of passion to the world. As Sormeh Rienne likes to say “a desire for creative expression is in us all”, and our mission is to put your expression into form for others to experience and enjoy. We are a multi-disciplinary design house that derives fulfillment from collaboration and pushes through on a project from conception to completion.